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Safronova Olesya Nikolaevna, Candidate of economic sciences, associate professor, sub-department of accounting, taxation and auditing, Penza State University (40 Krasnaya street, Penza, Russia),

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Background. The article considers the “reading” of the balance sheet, which allows to know the content of each article of balance, to know the ways to evaluate the articles and their importance in the organization, the relationship with other articles, as well as the content of these changes to economic activity.
Materials and methods. Methodological basis of research served as a balance method as one of methods for presenting data in a table with equal results, which is used not only in accounting and economic analysis, but also in planning and forecasting and resource concept of the enterprise management.
Results. Based on the study and systematization of views on different types of financial statements: current balance, annual, or final, separation, consolidated (consolidated), liquidating, entrance, etc. due to search the balancing indices. In the opening balance sheet is the share capital as at this stage other sources of capital no, because of the lack of any economic activity. In the preparation of the final balance, the main indicator is the financial result, as it is either a profit or loss of the organization. For other types of balance as the main indicator may be the share capital and the financial result of the organization’s activities. The whole list of balance sheet corresponds to the life cycle of a legal entity, which occurs mainly under the influence of financial status and its role on a specific market segment for the production of goods, works and services.
Conclusions. In order to comply with the qualitative characteristics of the balance sheet must adhere to the ratio between the benefits and costs, i.e. the benefits derived from anything, must exceed the cost to receive them. In General, the balance sheet serves as a tool for control and planning of economic goals of the business participants is to maximize profits and the preservation of all sources of income.

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balance sheet, balance sheet reading, types of balance sheet, asset, liability, property, financial statements, financial statements form, balance sheet item

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